When I first went on the radio in June of 1969 (“Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival was the first record I played), I had just graduated from high school and thought that being a weekend DJ was just about the coolest summer job a guy could land… little did I know that announcing, music programming, and radio program production would become my life’s work.

From WWOD to WUVA, WLLL to WCHV, WELK to WBBM-FM, WFYR to WNSR to WCBS-FM… from Saturday Night Oldies to Solid Gold Saturday Night, Solid Gold Scrapbook to New Gold on CD, American Gold to Rock & Roll’s Greatest Hits, the Classic Countdown to Dick Bartley’s Classic Hits. “Weeks turn into years, how quick they pass.” (to quote Bacharach & David).

Thanks to the enduring brilliance of 60’s, 70’s & 80’s rock, pop & soul music, it has been a joy and pleasure to bring you these programs, via my friends and colleagues at the RKO Radio Network, Westwood One, the ABC Radio Network, Radio Express International, and the United Stations Radio Network.

As I hang up my headphones, grateful thanks for your encouragement, support, and listenership over the years. Special thanks to my webmaster of 16 years, Alan Kurland, for his tireless creativity.

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