Dick Bartley has been hosting America's Classic Hits request radio show since 1982. Debuting as "Solid Gold Saturday Night," the program became "The Rock & Roll Oldies Show" on Westwood One, and since 1991 has been known as "Rock & Roll's Greatest Hits!" With our new home, the United Stations Radio Network, comes a new toll-free request number: 1-866-989-1975 . . . call any time to request your favorites!

The Best of Paul Simon

Bridge Over Troubled Water
Slip Slidin' Away
Late In The Evening
Mother And Child Reunion
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
You Can Call Me Al

Oct. 10-11 The Class of 1982
Oct. 17-18 Grand Funk + B.T.O.
Oct. 24-25 Fleetwood Mac
10/31 - 11/01 Halloween Classics
Nov. 07-08 The Eagles
Nov. 14-15 The Class of 1973
Nov. 21-22 Not A Top Ten
Nov. 28-29 Elton John

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